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Lynda WordPress 3.0 Essential Training

Course Description In this course, author Morten Rand-Hendriksen shows how to use WordPress 3.0 to create feature-rich blogs and web sites. The course includes a walk-through of common tasks in WordPress, from setting up an account to launching self-hosted sites. The course also includes tutorials on inserting media, installing plug-ins, creating custom themes, and incorporating […]

Lynda Photoshop for Designers – Layer Effect

Course Description In this installment of Photoshop for Designers, Nigel French shows how to use nondestructive layer effects to enhance graphic design projects in Photoshop. The techniques combine effects such as Drop Shadow, Inner Glow, Bevel and Emboss, and Pattern Overlay with blending modes, filters, masks, and Smart Objects. Nigel also shows how to adjust […]

Lynda HTML5 – Structure, Syntax, and Semantics

Course Description Gain a deeper understanding of HTML5, and learn how to create richer, more meaningful webpages with HTML5 structural tags and enhanced semantic markup. In this course, senior author James Williamson presents an overview of HTML5, demystifies the language’s new tags and attributes, and discusses how browsers parse and display HTML5 content. He’ll help […]

InfiniteSkills Web Programming with Python

Course Description A Verifiable Certificate of Completion is presented to all students who undertake this course. This Web Programming with Python course takes you through a hands-on guide to object-oriented python web programming, working with multiple types of servers, databases and web frameworks. All that is required to get started is a very basic background […]

Lynda 3Ds Max Essential Training 2013

Course Description The course covers Autodesk 3DS Max from the ground up, providing a thorough overview of this advanced 3D graphics and modeling package. Author Aaron F. Ross covers the 3ds Max interface and walks through common tasks such as modeling, texturing, lighting, animating, and rendering. The course is centered around real-world projects that provide […]

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