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Udemy 7 Day Yoga Cut : High Intensity Interval Yoga

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Are you ready to get toned, or ‘cut’, and powerful – in just a few days? Do you feel you just don’t have the time to dedicate to a gym but still want a bangin’, healthy body? Do you have just 30 minutes a day to get the same fitness benefits of working out for 2 hours? Then this new-generation workout plan is for you.

I’ve designed my YogaCut program to incorporate only the most contemporary, effective and efficient movements and sequences to maximize your time on the mat – to get you far healthier and fitter than you’ve ever been, in just 20 – 30 minutes a day!

Utilizing the latest discoveries in yogic physiology and anatomy combined with the scientifically verified and optimized H.I.I.T. (High Intensity Interval Training) technique, YogaCut is designed for shockingly effective results!

If you’ve had a hard time squeezing in your yoga or workout, want more benefits like weight loss, body toning, lean, strong muscles, detox, cardio and core strength, or have plateaued in your fitness progress, then you’re going to love this course.

I’ll guide you through one week where you’ll move through a yoga-influenced HIIT workout. You’ll learn how to continue on into a fitness lifestyle that takes less time than checking your email, but makes youlook and feel as good as if you worked out for 2 hours a day.

The Yoga Cut modules are specifically designed to teach you in a clear, easy way, 4 powerful yoga + HIIT (high intensity interval training) routines. I’ll also give you new action steps you can follow throughout your life to lose unhealthy extra weight, reduce toxins and generally feel better on all levels!

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